Harley-Davidson #DiscoverMore2014

Harley-Davidson #DiscoverMore2014


I was brought onboard to the Harley-Davidson account at SapientNitro to deliver a high profile experiential microsite for a new campaign for Harley-Davidson. Sapient Nitro is a large marketing, design and technology service agency with 34 offices in 13 countries.

The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness around Harley-Davidson's touring bikes in Europe as well as engage with their customers socially throughout the tour in a new way. Discover More 2014 showcases a journey through Europe and the Middle East on one Harley-Davidson over 30 countries. Different riders take part in different stages of the route (celebrities, veteran riders, media people), all tracked on an interactive Google map in real time. 

I had 3 months to deliver the whole project working with different expertise teams from the London, Toronto and India offices as well as external agencies. I managed the project fully from scoping, SoW, contracts, signing of budgets, design, build and sign off managing up to 50 different team members in different offices for the project stages.

Included in the project was the client, our agency but also a PR agency, a production agency following the bike throughout the journey for 5 months and a design agency. I also managed 3rd party agencies for the social media aggregator and the GPS app tracker working across different time zones.

The microsite was delivered in 27 different markets to reply to Harley-Davidson's international demand and we had to build a custom CMS easy enough to use for the production agency to upload media through the tour in different countries. I managed delivery across creative templates and concepts, frontend and backend build, SEO, analytics, hosting services and QA.

To be able to meet the deadlines I implemented custom agile methods to fit the agency and the teams in order to deliver the project on time, in budget and to the client’s satisfaction. During this mission I also delivered 2 smaller web builds for Sweden, Finland and the campaign holding page.

Working with SapientNitro on this project I gained experience working in a big global agency with international teams as well as adapting my agile methods to custom projects.



NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

UX, Design & Frontend

Account and Project Management the prestigious photographic competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the National History Museum. The project included a big team of stakeholders at the Natural History Museum, designers, IA/UX, interface and client side backend development and content planning. 

I was involved from the beginning of this project from proposal writing to final pitch where I went with the team to present our approach. We won the project against 15 other agencies. I led the project from start including handling legal documents NDA, SoW, Project Kick-Off and organisation of the delivery team, both on the agency side and the client side. 

I set up an agile but flexibel approach to suit the client and their ways of working to be able to progress with the complex project in the best possible way. 

Insights: Finding a good balance of working agile, show satisfying and high quality results and at the same time managing client expectations, educating them in responsive and other technologies progressing together. I also learnt important lessons on how to work with big institutions with many stake holders involved. 


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

UX & Design

The Jamie Oliver project was an interesting and challenging UX and design piece of work involving many parties to get to the stunning end result.    

The project consisted to bring all 12 Jamie Oliver brands under one main website, delivery UX and design as well as tech support for the build and social media strategy consultancy. The timelines for the project was between March - November 2012. 

The project was divided in two sets, UX first and the design phase was added later on as an extra project for an additional budget which was negotiated. My role was to manage the UX team, sign off and delivery for over 43 wireframes. I managed four designers, two in house and two on the client side including a freelancer and two art directors designing 43 different templates towards the same goal.

Insights: Managing multiple designers internally and externally adapting processes and sign off/review methods to fit both the agency’s and client’s working methods and mentalities. I learnt how to deal with difficult, sometimes political situations establishing a very close relationship with the client’s key people in order to deliver the project in time and on budget to the best quality. It was a fun project to work on and a good example of innovative thinking around new concepts adapting digital presence. It’s one of the first websites within the food industry to bring a concept of "organic feed" bringing together content across different channels in a dynamic breathing way.


MP & Silva

MP & Silva

Web, iPad, CMS, Print & Strategy

MP & Silva is a leading international media rights company that owns  manages and distributes television media rights worldwide. 

With an annual turnover of USD 500 million, the MP & Silva group has established an exemplary track record in distributing TV and media rights for sports federations, leagues, clubs and rights holders and represents some of the most important and world-class sports events.

Their television sports rights portfolio provides over 10,000 hours of programming to over 200 broadcasters in 215 countries annually - includes Europe's top leagues in football, FIFA World Cup qualifiers and many more. 

Headquartered in London and Singapore, we operate worldwide through regional offices in Beijing, Budapest, Dubai, Dublin, Hanoi, Paris, Miami, Milan, Monaco, Munich, New York, Tokyo, Warsaw, Madrid and Jakarta.

With this prestigious client I managed a £130K project including :

- A new iPad application to reflect the brand and serve as a sales tool worldwide

- Redesign and build of a responsive wesite with easy editable content to facilitate the company's global expansion and new products

- Build of a CMS to share content and media library across the iPad application and the website 

 -  Printed sales material, redesign of 50 sales sheets, distribution/marketing reports and bidding documents including handling third party print agencies.

- Creating a new brand "Play for Change" to promote the agency's Corporate Social Responsibility program and partnership. As part of this, Play for Change has become an established brand with it's own website http://www.playforchange.org/  

All of the aspects of the project was under a tight deadline and all had to be delivered for the yearly sports events in Monaco Sporel where MP & Silva is the main sponsor.  www.sportelmonaco.com/

My role: I was assigned on this project from day one in the agency where I had to organise the first Kick off meeting with the client. I had to deliver all aligned projects in time and on budget, suppliers included. I took responsibility of everyone involved including managing the client (across London - Italy - Singapore), PR agencies, UX and creative designers, developers and suppliers. working towards the same goal. I also used this project to put in place a new way of thinking and work with agile working methods in my team (Kanban, Scrums, Swimlanes). I delivered 5 multiple projects for different deadlines. I trained the client to update the CMS, wrote an extensive manual, uploaded all the content and worked very close to tech. I was the main contact person for the client during this period. The project ran over 8 months and was completed in time as well as I extended the client relationship who came back to the agency for more projects the year after. 

Insights: Within this project I learnt handling client expectations, managing multiple parties involved in the same project, working over different time zones. I extended my flexibility and reactiveness when working with printers and mobile suppliers. I learnt how to handle multiple deadlines depending on each other. 


Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Support & transition

Although not my main project I collaborated and worked closely to the Account Manager, Project Managers, development, design and UX teams on this account. 

When there were changes made to the management of the account in a transition period in the agency I was asked to take over and support the account, going to client meetings and review scrum sprint backlogs etc. 

Paul Smith is one of the OTHER media's most loyal clients and they have done the design and build of the Drupal and Magento international E-commerce shop infrastructure. They have also had a huge impact on how they manage their SEO, online marketing and brand strategy. 

Insights: Being involved with this project taught me how to quickly jump into a new situation, reading up and adapting quickly into a strong relationship and working methods that had been established since years. I learnt great things about how Magento works and the set up and back end for an international E-commerce store. 


Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas

UX & design

The pink brand of Pretty Ballerinas makes handmade luxury shoes in a variety of shapes and styles attracting stars such as Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss. 

The project consisted of redesigning a digital international E-commerce retail shoe shop making the experience as close as possible to their physical store in Covent garden to represent their values and brand. 

It was a three month project in the summer 2012 where I was involved in a merged UX and design process which as new in the agency working on concepts in a more agile way with the team. Following the new carved out process this model was later take for other projects thanks to the positive feedback of the teams and the delivery of the project to the client. 

Insights: It was a challenging project where I learnt how to work with a client indirectly through a third party supplier where I had to work around the initial work settings to get through to the client to really understand their needs and communicate this to the team. 


Jasper Conran

Jasper Conran

Account Support

Although not my main account in the agency I assisted the Account Manager in the end delivery of this project supporting the team in the end delivery and sign off including design, interface and Drupal build. I was involved in several client calls and meetings where crucial decisions had to be made in order to launch the site in time. I worked with the design and developer teams in the end delivery of this project. 

The OTHER media has created an elegant and stylish design and responsive website to this high end fashion British client to support large imagery to show case collections and also work as a personal blog to the designer. The site has had may positive reviews in the fashion industry press. 




British Library

British Library

UX, Design & Frontend

Project and Account Manager for the end delivery of a big web project to be launched in 2014. I got involved in the end delivery managing the end sprints after a break in the project where I gathered the teams set up the settings for the end bit motivating each team participant and the client for this interesting project. 

It was a great experience working with this kind of client including extended knowledge in managing big collection items, content managing and semantic content guiding the client in a more modern space.

Insights: I learnt many things in terms of client relationships, Account Management and handling one of the cultural emblems of British Culture. It was sometimes challenging as we had to respect not only the client's preferences but also influential third party actors which sometimes led to sacrifices. 


Austin Reed

Austin Reed

UX & design

This was a very short project in the studio where the team had to deliver all templates under two weeks. This was at a time where there were many other projects to manage so resourcing had to be made carefully to have a dedicated team with daily delivery, review and sign off with the client in order to finish on time.         

Insights: Learnt how to set up a shorter process and install firm guidelines on both client side and agency side.

(We weren't involved in the build process and later on the client hasn't respected all the art direction that was produced) 



Zoological Society of London

Zoological Society of London

Support & CMS 

The Zoological Society of London is one of the OTHER media's oldest clients. They have built the website including UX, design front end and backend using their own built CMS Other Objects supporting the client through their digital presence. 

I was in charge of support between different teams and transformed the way the agency worked with this client introducing a transparent Kanban board on Jira making the monthly workload more efficient and transparent. I educated the client in how to work agile. 

Worked with Java, Interface and design teams to support the zoo’s website, shop and ticketing booking system.

Insights: Understanding clients needs and fears in digital transformation and the importance of educating clients in time to upgrade their technology to support the growth of their company.   


Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House

iPad concept

Working with one of the biggest publishing company's Penguin Random House and the BBC I was the Account and Project Manager for a ground breaking project involving a whole new way of publishing content giving an experience combining motion pictures, videos and text in an intuitive way. 

Insights: It was very interesting to work alongs side with the publishing industry and app developers creating a new product pushing new thinking into how we consume content. 



Fine Wines Magazine

Fine Wines Magazine

Publishing - iPad build

The World of Fine Wines has one of the most prestigious publications of wine magazines in the world. This project involved taking the magazine into the iPad using a new way of publishing content making it easy for the client to update their issues themselves. 

I was involved in curating end content and carry out QA testing, formatting the final content before being submitted into the iTunes app store. 



Azure Wealth

Azure Wealth

UX & Webdesign

Based in London and in Geneva, Azure Wealth manages the wealth to some of the most wealthiest people and businesses. They worked with a New York brand agency who came to us with a brief requiring a redesign for their corporate website. 

Although keeping the style minimal and professional they wanted to give a different light to the industry humanising the people behind the company.

Working with the creative, UX team and the NY brand agency we delivered the project to the clients satisfaction. This work later became an inspiration to the group's hotel industry website (www.azurehotels.com not delivered under my project management).

Insights: It was a challenging but rewarding project where I learnt how to manage a middle agency between us and the client which required thorough planning and clarity of design sign off procedure with limited change requests and visual back up. 




Concept, UX, Design, Front & Backend

This was one of the most interesting projects I have ever worked on. The project was funded by the Design Council as part of a competition to promote new ideas. Discoverables is a new platform for young people where they can discover and improve their soft skills to be discovered in the job market.  

The challenge was organised as of three competitions where we had to present the idea, UX and design concepts in order to go to the next round.  If the project was interesting enough the Design Council would get the funding to realise the project. We worked together with Spark & Mettle so it was a joint project towards a better cause.

I was assigned this project after the define phase which started to go over time. I entered the project and set up an agile structure allowing UX and creative designers to work together showing tangible results in order to move the project forward and deliver most of in before Christmas.

Insights: It was a challenging but fun project where we collaborated with young people, brainstormed and gathered ideas. One of the PM challenges was to find an illustrator to gamify the experience and very good JQuery and Ruby on Rails developers which I recruited to the project.

I learnt how to work on a different kind of project towards the charity-humanitarian industry creating something for the first time working with algorithms and new concepts.








UX & Design

This was a challenging project where the team really had to put themselves into the tyre industry. We designed a mobile first concept following a user-centred design to make an intuitive, quick and easy to understand user journey until the check out point. I was involved managing the design team and the client who were situated outside of London which meant high organisation and sign off points via conference calls. 


Chelsea Hospitality

Chelsea Hospitality

CMS Wordpress & Support

Chelsea Hospitality manages luxury packages for Chelsea Football club. Everything from tailor made packages for groups with events, VIP seatings they work with many companies offering premium packages. 

I handled the OTHER media's third party supplier supporting the client with ongoing development on the Wordpress CMS ensuring a high quality standard service for the client under high pressure during important football match periods where things had to turn around quickly. 

I worked with the client creating value through different luxury packages to increase sales. The OTHER media has build and designed the website including a 3d animated seating guide. 

Insights: Be able to deliver client service at a rapid speed handling a third part managing client expectations. 




Social Media Monitoring & Big Social Data

Working as a Digital Project Manager for Pulsar projects; Trac (Social Media Monitoring). Flow (CRM) and Engage (Online Communities)

I was the first point of contact for both clients, social media and qualitative marketing researchers for trouble shooting and new technical developments. I also worked closely managing data suppliers such as Datasift and Boardreader gaining understanding of data structures and the network of a new kind of industry.

Pulsar is sold worldwide and helps companies to gain insight about their brands, online conversations and their key audiences which has a key impact in decision making. 

About Pulsar: Exploding in the Big Data industry Pulsar is a new breed of social intelligence platform that’s re-inventing social media monitoring. It's an in- house built tool born out of  10 years of experience with social data. The tool allows you to go beyond keyword tracking to map brand audiences, track how content spreads and measure the reach of social conversations which has grown in importance for brands today. 

Pulsar allows you to track conversations in 170 languages, across millions of social and news sources, collecting 100% of the data publicly available which gives you both the scale and quality of data to conduct robust market research and confident decision-making.

Different from other tools in the market Pulsar is tailored to each social channel weight the visibility of any conversation to better quantify the impact of each mention.

The advanced filters allows you to identify and listen to a specific group of people in social media, profile and benchmark your audience and competitors to understand who they are, what they like and who they are connected to for richer segmentation and incisive planning.

You can track any digital content (video, advert, website) on the social web, see how it is shared across networks in real-time and who is sharing it. Understand what drives its viral appeal to drive more relevant and engaging content strategies. The data is easy representative using real-time interactive data visualisations to help mine insights at a glance.


Pulsar Engage Internationalisation

Pulsar Engage Internationalisation

I managed the internationalisation of the Online Community platform Pulsar Engage into 12 different languages and markets. Starting with Simplified Chinese I managed the translation agency, researchers and pilot test projects and participants to internationalise the platform. Today the platform exist in English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian Bahasa, Turkish, Italian and Hindi.

Using an in-house developed translation tool I trained Community Managers, Researchers and the translation agency to translate the platform in real time. I managed budgets, timelines and sign off in line with live projects while discovering digital habits in different markets. 

Insights: Being passionate about languages I really enjoyed learning about digital behaviour in various markets and I learnt that it's not only about the language but also people's behaviour and how we use our devices and the Internet that matters for globalisation of software tools.


Financial Times

Financial Times

UX & Design

I managed the end delivery of this UX and design project for final sign off. This was between April to August 2012 where I got pulled in the project at a time when the design process got stuck due to internal changes on the client side.

I managed to solve the issues, included the new responsible person on the client side in the project and get the project moving again until final delivery. 

Insights: Learnt that no matter how organised you are in your own team you always have to find new ways adapting to client methods, mentalities and way of working in order to deliver projects.


Vodafone - Ignite

Vodafone - Ignite

Experience Marketing

Different experience Marketing project consisting building a software to work with hand scanners for Vodafone’s festivals summer 2012 (Isle of Wight, Download and Escape).

People at the festivals could leave their mobile phones in the Vodafone trucks for recharge. With the hand scanner we ensured 100% accuracy of identification and a new experience for such a service.Worked with Ignite on this project. 

I was involved in the technical part of the project, managing our developer delivering the software and extensive user testing of the end product. 







Harvey Goldsmith

Harvey Goldsmith

UX, design and build

Harvey Goldsmith is an English performing arts promoter best known as promoter of rock concerts, charity concerts, television broadcasts for the Prince's Trust and more recently the Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

He is a high profile person and has produced, managed and promoted shows with most of the world's major artists including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Eagles, Elton John, U2, Madonna, Muse, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Luciano Pavarotti, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain, Oasis, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Shirley Bassey, Coldplay, Nigel Kennedy, Eric Clapton, Nelly Furtado, Scissor Sisters, Van Morrison, Sting and many others. 

For this client I managed the design and tech team for final delivery including uploading all final content in the CMS and testing.

Insights: Managing the client throughout his agents which was not always easy in terms of sign off process and timings. 


Digital Gurus

Digital Gurus

UX, design, front and backend build

This was a big long project within the agency to create a new platform for a specialised recruitment agency specialising in digital roles. 

My role involved tech delivery in the final stage of this project where I was responsible for CMS final user testing before the end delivery to the client.